9 March 2017 - Missing Snowshoer Beehive Basin Area

Twelve members of the BSSAR team responded to a late night call for a missing hiker in the Beehive Basin area. The father reported his son had contacted him with his cell phone and was disoriented, cold and tired. His father was not sure what equipment his son had or what his final destination was. Nor did he know if his son was hiking or snowshoeing. BSSAR dispatched a four person Hasty team to ski up the skin track to the ridgeline that is popular with backcountry skiers. Their mission was to look for signs of a hiker/snowshoer. A follow-up team was assembled with the mission to cover both the area that is more popular with snowshoers and take direction from the Hasty team based on their findings. This is not an area that lends itself to use of motorized equipment to conduct a search and/or rescue. As the Hasty team arrived at the trailhead a tired and cold young man walked out. He was lucky that he made his way out when he did as he was not prepared to spend the night in the backcountry in the winter.