13 August 2018 - Injured Dirt Biker Mica Creek

Four members of the team responded at close to 4:00PM for a dirt biker with a leg injury in the off road vehicle area near Storm Castle on Mica Creek Trail. The BSSAR team responded with the Ranger that they felt could easily access the injured party. Upon reaching the staging area the team found more than enough resources available from the Gallatin Valley SAR and returned back to base. In addition, the injured dirt bike rider was able to make it to the trailhead with the assistance of good Samaritan. He had possibly experienced some broken toes due to riding in tennis shoes.

11 August 2018 - Distressed Hikers Sky Rim Trail Con't

Five members of the team left the BSSAR building at 5:30 AM to rescue the two distressed hikers. The trail to their location is approximately 6.5 miles with 3,800 feet of elevation gain. The team equipped with heavy packs load with extra water found the two early 20s males at their camp. They were found in good shape and after receiving water from the SAR team all headed to the trailhead. The two hikers were experienced hikers and had intended on camping at Big Horn Peak. They failed to realize that in late summer water is not available on this ridge line. August 10 & 11 was a big day for the BSSAR team. A big thank you for coming out call after call.

10 August 2018 - Distressed Hikers Sky Rim Trail

For the third time that day two members of the team responded at 8:30 PM to a call of two male hikers in distress on the Sky Rim trail near Big Horn Peak. The hikers had run out of water and were disoriented. Once again we were lucky to be able to speak with them by cell phone in an attempt to guide them to the trailhead. These hikers were not familar with the area and it was mutually agreed that they would camp at their current location and we would send a team in the next morning.......to be continued.

10 August 2018 - Breathing Problems for a Hiker in the Moonlight Basin Area

Five members of the team responded at 3:00PM for a call of an 60+ year old male experiencing breathing problems within the Moonlight Basin area. While the team was preparing to deploy they were contacted by Moonlight Security who had been able to access the man and transport him to the waiting ambulance.

10 August 2018 - Overdue Hiker Hilgard Peak

Three members of the team responded to and late morning call of an overdue hiker that had a destination of Hilgard Peak. As the team was in the process of gathering a search team, the overdue hiker returned.

5 August 20108 - Injured Hiker Hidden Lakes

Eight members of the team responded to a 5:00 PM call of an injured hiker on the Hidden Lakes trail. The 77 year old male had fallen while hiking and had sustained an injured ankle. The team responded to the trailhead in the Ranger and Razor with the one-wheeled Teton litter. The injured man's party was able to splint the ankle and get him to the trailhead when we arrived. They declined transport and elected to take him to the hospital in a private vehicle.

22 July 2018 - Injured Hiker Gallatin Towers

Six members of the BSSAR Team along with several members from the Gallatin Valley SAR responded to a call of an injured hiker in the popular Gallatin Towers climbing area near mile marker 62. The young female had lost consciousness and fallen. She sustained injuries as a result of her fall. Her injuries were stabilized and she was transported to the trailhead to an awaiting ambulance.

20 July 2018 - Overdue Hiker Hidden Lakes

July 20th was a busy day for the BSSAR team. Six members responded to a 10:30 PM call of an overdue hiker at Hidden Lakes. The team members met the reporting party at the trailhead using the Ranger and Razor for transport. While gathering information from the reporting party the overdue hiker walked out.

20 July 2018 - Injured Hiker Cinnamon Mountain Trail

Eight members of the team responded to a late morning call of an injured hiker on the Cinnamon Mountain trail. The female hiker had been startled by a fox causing her to take a hard fall on the trail. The Hasty Team found the hiker approximately 2.2 miles up the trail and in a lot of pain. Team One followed bringing the one wheeled Teton Litter up the trail having to lift the litter over downed trees. Team Two followed to clear the trail of the downed trees and assist in hauling the patient to the trailhead. Due to her extreme pain and concern for her injury the entire team took great care in lifting the litter over as much of the trail obstacles as possible. The excessive heat and the biting deer flies added to the stress of the team members. The patient was handed off to Big Sky Fire Department at the trailhead and she was eventually flown to Billings for treatment. She has let us know that she is recovering.

12 July 2018 - Injured SXS Driver on Buck Ridge

Eight members of the team responded to an early afternoon call for a 32 year old male that had sustained injuries after rolling his side by side. The patient was suspected of having shoulder and rib injuries. His injuries were stabilized in a position of comfort and he was transported by the team to the trailhead and awaiting ambulance.