1 and 2 September 2018 - The Rut Mountain Run

Seven members of the BSSAR committed their entire Labor Day Weekend to provide first aid and extrication support to the racers in The Rut. Utilizing the Ranger side by side which is equipped with the Teton Litter, the team provided critical support in the most remote part of the race which encompasses most of the Big Sky Ski area. This year's weather allowed the racers to compete in ideal conditions resulting in very few emergencies.

19 September 2018 - Lost Hikers in Moonlight

Five very dedicated members of the team got out of their warm beds to respond to a couple of lost hikers. The hikers were in the Moonlight area and were located by the BSSAR team and brought to the trail head without incident by 2:30 AM.

18 September 2018- Backcountry Rescue in Buck Creek

One member of the team had responded to this call prior to being canceled.

16 September 2018 - Injured Archery Hunter on Buck Ridge

Seven members of the BSSAR team responded to a evening call of an injured hunter on Buck Ridge. The reporting party indicated that his hunting buddy had fallen down a cliff area and one of his arrows had pierced his leg. Based on this report a medical helicopter was requested for transport. The BSSAR team was able to access the injured hunter quickly using the Ranger side by side. The team stabilized the hunter in a litter and utilized ropes to bring him up to the ridge line where the helicopter was waiting to transport him to Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital.

1 September 2018 - Injured Horseback Rider in the North Fork Area

Six members of the BSSAR team responded to a late afternoon call for a women that had fallen off of her horse in the North Fork area. Two members of the team were coming back from providing support for The Rut race in the Ranger side by side when they met the additional BSSAR team in the Razor side by side. The BSSAR team was able to transport Big Sky Fire Department paramedics to the injured rider. She was stabilized and transported by the Ranger side by side to the ambulance with the paramedic.

25 August 2018 - The Biggie Mountain Bike Race

Six members of the BSSAR team provided medical and extrication support for The Biggie Mountain Bike Race. Over 200 racers covered between 35 and 50 miles of mostly single track terrain within the Big Sky area. The BSSAR team used the Ranger and Razor side by sides to move about the race course as the bikers progressed. Great weather and fit racers made for an uneventful day for the BSSAR team which was happy to see just a few cuts and bruises.

18 August 2018 - Missing Child in the Porcupine Area

Two members responded to the BSSAR building and were preparing equipment to deploy in search of a missing child in the Porcupine area. The child was reunited with their parents before the team left the building.

17 August 2018 - Overdue Hiker Hidden Lake

Eight members responded to an early morning call for a few overdue hikers in the Hidden Lake area. The reporting party indicated that his wife and children were suppose to meet him at a predetermined campsite near Hidden Lakes the previous evening. The BSSAR members assisted the Gallatin Valley Sheriff's office check various routes in and out of the Hidden Lake area for a stranded vehicle. The overdue hikers were finally located in the Hyalite Canyon area.

13 August 2018 - Injured Dirt Biker Mica Creek

Four members of the team responded at close to 4:00PM for a dirt biker with a leg injury in the off road vehicle area near Storm Castle on Mica Creek Trail. The BSSAR team responded with the Ranger that they felt could easily access the injured party. Upon reaching the staging area the team found more than enough resources available from the Gallatin Valley SAR and returned back to base. In addition, the injured dirt bike rider was able to make it to the trailhead with the assistance of good Samaritan. He had possibly experienced some broken toes due to riding in tennis shoes.

11 August 2018 - Distressed Hikers Sky Rim Trail Con't

Five members of the team left the BSSAR building at 5:30 AM to rescue the two distressed hikers. The trail to their location is approximately 6.5 miles with 3,800 feet of elevation gain. The team equipped with heavy packs load with extra water found the two early 20s males at their camp. They were found in good shape and after receiving water from the SAR team all headed to the trailhead. The two hikers were experienced hikers and had intended on camping at Big Horn Peak. They failed to realize that in late summer water is not available on this ridge line. August 10 & 11 was a big day for the BSSAR team. A big thank you for coming out call after call.