13 April 08 - Injured Snowmobiler Rescued on Buck Ridge

Four members of Big Sky Search and Rescue assisted an injured snowmobiler on Buck Ridge. This person had launched his sled off a high cornice, and put a foot down on landing resulting in a severe leg injury. BSSAR responded with two snowmobile teams: a hasty searcher who quickly located the injured party and began patient assessment, followed by an evacuation team pulling an ambulance sled with medical equipment. The patient was stablized and packaged for transport. Given the severity of the injury, helicopter evacuation options were explored, while ground evacuation proceeded in the event that a helicopter might not be available. Air Idaho Rescue was able to respond, and rendezvoused with the ground team at a landing zone on the ridge. The patient was successfully evacuated to Bozeman Deaconess Hospital. The mission lasted about three hours.
21st-23rd March 2008 - BSSAR Winter Survival School

Six Members of BSSAR and eight members of other Gallatin County SAR groups trained in Beehive Basin with 2 instructors from PEAK Inc. The instructors are retired military survival experts and Air Force Para Rescuemen. Orienteering, shelter and fire-craft, improvised litters and splinting were all taught experientially. All participants created improvised snow shelters on Saturday night. Sunday a practice search operation was held with a succesful locate and Tx of patients. All EMT and WFR's will recive CE credits for this exercise.