24 July 2008 -- Injured Horseback Rider Rescued From Porcupine Trail

Seven members of BSSAR responded to a call of an injured horseback rider off of the Porcupine trail. The woman had sustained a hip injury from falling off her horse. The team packaged her and transported her to an ambulance at the trail head via ATV. The mission lasted two hours.

22 July 2008 -- Injured Female Hiker Rescued From Lava Lake Trail

Five members of BSSAR's "Team Geriatric" responded to a call about an injured woman on the Lava Lake trail head. The woman had fallen and broken her Tibula and Fibula. Patient was packaged and carried out by the 5 old men.

05 July 2008 -- Three Rafters Rescued from Gallatin River

Five members of BSSAR responded to a call about 3 rafters stranded in the Gallatin River at mile marker 39. The rafters had overturned their raft and were stranded on the opposite side of the river. The 3 rafters were ferried back across the river and sustained no injuries.

25 June 08 -- Injured Horseback Rider Rescued on Buffalo Horn Trail

Eight members of Big Sky Search and Rescue responded to a call of an injured horseback rider on the Buffalo Horn trail behind the 320 Ranch. Patient had fallen off her horse and had localized pain in her left thigh. Patient was stabilized and packaged and then carried out by Search and Rescue members to the trailhead where an ambulance was waiting. The mission lasted about 4 hours.