20 September 08 -- BSSAR Mock Rescue Training

Eleven members of BSSAR and 2 members of Bozeman Valley SAR responded to a mock scenario at Ousel Falls involving a couple in their mid-60's. The man and woman had been walking down Ousel Falls trail and fallen down a steep embankment into the creek bed below. The female patient sustained a laceration to her leg and had minor bruising. The male patient suffered from a broken pelvis and femoral head and broke several ribs. Four members of the hasty team were the first to arrive at the incident, followed by the rest of the BSSAR team with backup support and supplies. The female was treated and packaged on site and taken out by BSSAR members for furher treatment. The male patient was treated and packaged on site, then was (hypothetically) retreived by helicoptor for ALS.