03 December 2008 -- Injured Snowmobiler Rescued from Buck Ridge

Five members of BSSAR and three Canyon Adventures snowmobile guides responded to a call of an injured snowmobiler in McAtee Basin off of Buck Ridge. The snowmobiler sustained a broken leg from flipping over his handlebars in a creekbed. The team stabilized the leg and secured the patient on the back of a snowmobile in a rescue sled. The patient sustained no other injuries and was transported to an ambulance. The rescue lasted three and a half hours.

29 Novemeber 2008 -- Search for Lost Skier in Beehive Basin

Five members of BSSAR responded to a call of a lost backcountry skier in Beehive Basin. The lone skier became disoriented in a white-out snow storm and called 911 on his cell phone. Dispatch was able to retrieve the skier's coordinates from his cell phone, expediting the search. Two members skinned out the ridge and successfully located the lost skier while the other attending members waited at the trailhead with snowmobiles. The search took approximately 3 hours.