16 August 2009 -- Missing Person Reported at Moonlight Basin

Members of Big Sky Search and Rescue received a page at 2:30am reporting a missing person up at Moonlight Basin. After several hours of searching the area, the missing person was found sleeping in a house. He had broken in the house and fell asleep. He was unharmed but had caused extensive damage to the house exterior.

13 August 2009 -- Exhausted Hiker Rescued from Porcupine Trail

A family hiking out on Lemon's Knob in the Porcupine area called 911 reporting that their 72 year old grandma was too exhausted to hike out the trail. Several BSSAR members responded to the page and found the family on the top of Lemon's Knob; a steep trail in the Porcupine area. The woman's vitals where taken and she was determined to be in good health, aside from being tired. BSSAR transported the 72 year old out on an ATV while the rest of the family hiked out on foot.

07 August 2009 -- Mountain Biker with Broken Arm Rescued

Several BSSAR members responded to a woman who had broken her arm while mountain biking on the Grizzly Loop out Porcupine trail. The patient was found slowly walking out with her fellow bikers. She explained that she had fallen off her bike onto her arm and now had pain in her elbow. She complained of increased pain when the arm was moved into a bent position and claimed the most comfortable position was holding it straight down at her side. BSSAR transported her out on the back of an ATV, allowing her arm to remain in the straight position. She sustained no further injuries.

22 July 2009 -- Injured Horseback Rider Rescued

BSSAR member responded to an injured horseback rider out Porcupine trail. The injured rider had fallen off her horse onto her hip. When BSSAR members arrived, they performed a full body assessment, assessing that her spine was uninjured but her hip was extremely sore. Members packaged her and transported her out the the trailhead where an ambulance was waiting.

04 July 2009 -- Rescue at Ousel Falls

Members of Big Sky Search and Rescue responded to a call about a person in the water at Ousel Falls in Big Sky. A woman had jumped in the stream after her dog that had fallen in the water. Both dog and owner were swept down stream, but were able to self rescue after traveling down stream several hundred yards. No one was injured.

19 May 2009 -- Swift Water Rescue on Gallatin River

BSSAR member received a page on Tuesday afternoon of a woman being swept down the Gallatin River near the Mad Mile. After a joint effort between the Big Sky Fire Department, the Valley Search and Rescue specialty teams, and BSSAR, the woman was located and pulled from the river near Spanish Creek. Attempts to revive the woman were unsuccessful and she was declared a fatality by medical officials.

09 April 2009 -- Three snowmobilers reported missing on Buck Ridge

This late-night search attracted a large turnout from BSSAR members. Three snowmobilers were reported missing by a family member at around 9:00pm that evening. BSSAR mobilized eight snowmobilers to search the Buck Ridge area. The snowmobilers searched for the missing party for several hours before finally locating them stuck in the Buck Creek drainage. Once located, it took an additional two hours to move the missing party and their snowmobiles to the main Buck Ridge trail. The party was cold and tired, but sustained no physical injuries. They were able to ride their sleds down the main Buck Ridge trail to their vehicle. This mission lasted 6 1/2 hours and was completed at 3:30am.

28 March 2009 -- Search for Lost Snowboarder on Backside of Lone Peak

Several members of BSSAR responded to a call regarding a lost snowboarder somewhere on the backside of Lone Peak. The snowboarder separated from his party earlier in the afternoon and was unable to navigate out of the backcountry on his own. Rescuers based their search from the Yellowstone club giving them easier access to the backcountry. The lost snowboarder was promptly found and escorted out to the nearest road. Patient sustained no injuries but was cold and tired.

10 January 2009 -- Snowmobiler caught in Buck Ridge Avalanche

Five members of BSSAR responded to a page about an avalanche burial on the south side of Buck Ridge. Eight snowmobilers from North Dakota were traversing below a hill and triggered a 150 yard-wide slide. One of the eight snowmobilers was buried in the slide. Luckily, his seven friends were able to dig him out. He was buried 6 feet below the snow surface. The patient was in stable condition when BSSAR members arrived at the scene and had no apparent signs of additional injuries. Team members transported the patient to the highway and met up with an ambulance.