27 December 2012 -- Lost Snowshoer

Four members of the BSSAR team responded at 2:30 PM to a call of a lost snowshoer in the Jack Creek drainage area near Moonlight Basin Resort. The women visiting from out of state became disoriented while snowshoeing alone near the Moonlight Basin Ski Resort. The BSSAR team was able to determine the women's location after speaking with her for sometime on her cell phone. They then contacted the Moonlight Basin Ski Patrol requesting assistance in finding and transporting the women to the resort's base area.

24 December, 2012 -- Standed Sledders on Buck's Ridge Rescued

Just after 4:00 PM on Christmas Eve, seven members of the BSSAR team responded to a call of a stranded snowmobile party. The party of three adults and three children ages four, nine and eleven had become stranded and disoriented after a day of snowmobiling in the Buck's Ridge area south of Big Sky. After venturing off of the groomed and marked trails they became stuck and disoriented. After locating the stranded party the BSSAR team was able to get the party unstuck and assisted in leading the party and transporting the children back to the trailhead. The children were grateful that they did not have to spend Christmas Eve on Buck's Ridge and bust into tears upon the BSSAR team's arrival exclaiming"We're saved!"

17 November 2012 -- Lost Backcountry Skiers Rescued

Six members of BSSAR responded at 10:00 PM to a call of a skier and snowboarder that had not returned from a backcountry excursion. BSSAR staged the mission at the Portal Creek Trailhead and was advised that a backcountry search in this area was not safe due to avalanche concerns. After determining the potential route the missing skiers could have taken, three members of the BSSAR team traveled about a mile down the trail making contact with the two 20-year olds. They were brought safely back to the trailhead by 3:00 AM.