10 February 2013 -- Gallatin River Rescue

The team that had responded to the early morning missing skier call had just returned to BSSAR base when a new call came in for assistance in a recovery of a women and dog that had fallen into the Gallatin River. The BSSAR team dispatched four members with swift water recovery gear to the reported location of the incident. Prior to the teams arrival the call was cancelled.

10 February 2013 -- Lost Backcountry Skiers

Eight members of the BSSAR team responded to an early morning call from the Gallatin Valley Search and Rescue (GVSAR) to assist in locating 2 skiers reported missing. The GVSAR requested that BSSAR travel down the Cottonwood Canyon to Alex Lowe Peak while their team came in from Hylite Canyon. BSSAR dispatched a hasty team that would be using snowmobiles and skiers when GVSAR reported that the two skiers had been found on Alex Lowe Peak. The BSSAR team returned to base.