18 December 2014 - Lost Snowmobiler in Carrot Basin

Ten members of the BSSAR team responded to an evening call for a missing snowmobiler. Three men were snowmobiling in the Carrot Basin area when one of the men rode off a steep ridge from the trail and down into another drainage. He was unable to climb back up the hill to where his friends were waiting due to the terrain. His friends reported that he began riding southwest in the drainage and after several hours they became concerned as this snowmobiler was not familiar with the area and they were unsure of what type of gear he was carrying that could sustain him through the night. BSSAR sent two snowmobile teams into the area while West Yellowstone SAR approached the area from the Beaverhead Road direction. Conditions were deteriorating and the BSSAR team was just about ready to suspend the search until the following morning when they heard the lost snowmobiler below them. The missing party eventually climbed up the hill to the BSSAR team and was transported uninjured to the staging area in Taylor Fork.