30 September 2015 - Injured Forest Service Empolyee

Six members of the team responded to an afternoon call for a seriously injured Forest Service employee near Twin Cabins. One member transport a Big Sky Fire Dept paramedic rapidly to the scene via side-by-side. The Forest Service had been cutting trees in the area. A tree fell on the patient resulting in a least a broken femur. Due to the seriousness of the injury Summit Air was called in to handle the transportation to the hospital. The BSSAR team assisted in the patient packaging and landing zone preparations.

15 September 2015 - Missing Archery Hunter

Nine members of the team responded to a very early morning call of a missing archery hunter in the Taylor Fork area. The team met at the SAR building and developed a strategy to deploy three different teams into three areas to search for the hunter who had been last seen at 7:30 the previous morning. Two teams used side-by-sides and one their feet to mount the search. The "foot soldiers" found the missing hunter on the Cinnamon trail uninjured. The hunter had become disoriented in the dark the previous night and was able to survive the cold wet night by being prepared.

12 September 2015 - Missing Hiker Lava Lake

Four members responded to an early evening call for a missing hiker in Lava Lake area. Once again a member of a party had left the group and become disoriented. The reporting party was able to locate the missing hiker before the team arrived at the trailhead.

5,6 September 2015 - The Rut Race

Five members of the team provided on hill support for the Rut Races held at the Big Sky Ski Resort. Racers from the 11K, 25K and 50K were provided transportation and first aid assistance from the members. The team used a side-by-side with the ambulance sled to transport racers to the medical tent at the base area. Members from the team staged in the medical tent assisting Big Sky Fire Dept. with patients.

2 September 2015 - Beehive Honeymoon Bear Spray

Two members of the team responded to a late afternoon call for an injured hiker in the Beehive Basin area. Upon arrival the members found that one member of a couple on their honeymoon accidently sprayed their new spouse with bear spray. The unfortunate spouse was treated on scene.