19 July 2016 - Lost Hiker in the Beehive Basin Area

July 19 was a busy day for the team as many of those involved in helping the injured horseback rider earlier in teh day were back and ready to find a missing hiker that night. Nine members of the team responded at 20:30 for a missing hiker in the Beehive Basin area. A man in his 20s left the Beehive Basin trail head earlier in the day wearing tennis shoes and carrying a water bottle. He called 911 after it became dark and he was disoriented and exhausted. He provided the 911 dispatch with his phones GPS coordinated that once again proved unreliable. Based on what he was telling dispatch about what he could see from his location, the team knew he could not be at the location of his phone's GPS coordinates. Due to the rugged nature of the area that the lost hikers was in, the IC (Incident Command) called in a helicopter to try and locate the hiker and drop a provisions bag. This would allow the hiker to get through the night and not put the BSSAR team and lost hiker at risk. The BSSAR team was prepared to begin their search at first light on the 20th. The helicopter never spotted the hiker as he did not stay in his location and eventually hiked himself out during the night.

19 July 2016 - Injured Horseback Rider

Four members of the team responded to a 911 call for an injured horseback rider on the Buffalo Horn Creek trail. The team used the Ranger side by side and dirt bikes to quickly reach the injured party. The team stablized and transported the injured party to the trail head where they refused an ambulance ride to the hospital.

4 July 2016 - Lost Hiker in the Yellowstone Club

Ten members from the team responded to a early evening call for a missing hiker. The reporting party indicated that her friend was overdue in returning from a hike on the Cedar Loop trail in the Yellowstone Club. The missing female hiker was from southern California and new to the area. The women did not have bear spray or gear to stay the night in the woods. The Big Sky Search and Rescue team approached the area from several directions trying to intercept a lost and/or potentially injured hiker as quickly as possible. Two helicopters were dispatched to assist in the search as GPS coordinates obtained from the missing hikers cell phone did not prove reliable for locating her position. The missing hiker was found uninjured the next day about mid-morning. Interesting to note that a female grizzly bear and her cub were spotted by the helicopter not far from where the women was found. She is lucky that we found her first.