27 December - 2017 Lost Snowmobilers Buck Ridge

Six members of the team responded to an afternoon call for two missing snowmobilers in the Buck Ridge area. Two of the BSSAR team were already up in the area on snowmobiles so they were able to quickly find and assist the lost party find their was back to the trailhead.

16 December - 2017 Lost Snowshoers Garnett Mountain

One dedicated member responded to a 2:00 AM call for two lost snowshoers up Garnett Mountain. The Gallatin County Sheriff Deputy serving as Incident Command was able to talk the missing snowshoers down to the trailhead by phone.

9 October - 2017 Imp Peak Avalanche Fatality

Three members of the team assisted the Gallatin Valley SAR in recovery of a female avalanche victim on Imp Peak. Our condolences to the family and friends.

12 September - 2017 Submerged Raft Gallatin River

Five members of the team responded to an afternoon call of a submerged raft on the Gallatin River near the 35 mile an hour bridge or the beginning of the Mad Mile. Prior to leaving the SAR building the call was cancelled.

8 September - 2017 Unresponsive Hiker Ousel Falls

Six members of the BSSAR team quickly responded to Ousel Falls for a call of an unresponsive male. The Hasty team jogged down the trail with the Teton litter and met the patient who was responsive but shaken. Big Sky Fire was also on scene. A second team from BSSAR assisted the Hasty team transport the patient from the falls to the ambulance.

2 & 3 September - 2017 The Rut

For the third year in a row, BSSAR supplied seven people as well as equipment to support the ultra runners competing in The Rut. The BSSAR team is stationed at the most remote section of the race in the Dakota area. Our presence provides critical support to runners that are injured or experiencing medical issues and using our side by side we are able to transport injured runners to definitive care. This year's event took it's toll on the runners with poor air quality due to the numerous wildfires in the western US plus the 90 degree temperatures. Our service to the runners in the remote area plus at the finish line in the medical tent was valuable to the well being of the runners.

29 August - 2017 Heart Problems Beehive Basin

Eight members of the team responded to an urgent call for a hiker experiencing possible heart problems on the Beehive Basin trail. Two teams were rapidly dispatched to the area with medical equipment. Helicopter assistance was requested and they were able to locate, extract and fly the hiker to definitive care.

16 August - 2017 Injured Hiker Gallatin Peak Area

Five members of the team responded to an evening call for an injured hiker somewhere near Gallatin Peak. The solo hiker had been able to call 911 and request help before their battery died. The hiker's location based on the phone call put him near Gallatin Peak but not in an area most people would hike even if attempting to summit the peak. We sent a team with a Teton litter up Hells Roaring trail. Helicopter assistance was requested and they were able to locate the injured hiker, extract him and fly him to Bozeman Deaconess Health for care.

16 August, 2017 - Missing Person Big Sky Area

Eight members of BSSAR responded to an early evening call for a missing elderly person suffering from Alzheimer. As the team was preparing to leave the SAR building the individual was found at home.

8 August - 2017 Injured Horseback Rider

Eight members of the BSSAR team responded to a late evening dispatch of a 73 year old women that had fallen off her horse in the Porcupine area and had experienced a lack of consciousness. Four members in the Ranger side by side with one member leading the way on a dirt bike travel approximately three miles into the Porcupine area to reach the patient. After two assessments she was found to be stable enough to ride in the side by side back down the trail to the awaiting ambulance for her trip to the Big Sky Medical Center. She had been wearing a helmet at the time of the accident which surely added to the positive outcome of this event.

29 July - 2017 Missing Teen at the 320 Guest Ranch

Fifteen members of the BSSAR team, three members from the Gallatin Valley Dog team and a helicopter were dispatched to a early evening report of a missing 17 year old female. She and her family were staying at the 320 Guest Ranch. The teenager had a history of drug abuse and was consider a suicide risk. The BSSAR used dirt bikes, side by sides and hiking boots to search the trails, out buildings and river near the 320 Guest Ranch. Through a number of efforts she was located unharmed in a town about one hundred miles east of Big Sky. It is a humbling note that so many volunteers will give of their time during the hieght of summer season missing family BBQs, the Professional Bull Riding event, concerts as well as dinner.

8 July - 2017 Injured Hiker Ousel Falls

Eight members of the BSSAR team responded to a late afternoon dispatch to the Ousel Falls Trail in Big Sky. A female hiker had been wading in the river near the falls when she slipped on a rock in the water and was carried to the oposite side of the river from the trail. In the incident she injured her ankle. BSSAR members used a side by side to reach her. One member of the team with experience as a Rescue Swimmer with the Coast Guard was able to reach the patient, stablize her ankle and bring her back across the river. She was transported to the trailhead and the awaiting ambulance for her trip to the Big Sky Medical Center.

6 July - 2017 Allergic Reaction on the Lava Lake Trail

Five members of the BSSAR team responded to an early evening dispatch to the Lava Lake Trail with the report of the 17 year old male having an allergic reaction. Aparantly the young man was stung by some unknown insect and began experiencing anxiety and troubles breathing. The BSSAR team once again deployed the Teton litter hiking it up the rocky Lava Lake trail to reach the patient. As with the injured mountain biker earlier in the day, Big Sky Fire Department sent one of their members along with the BSSAR team to assist in patient care. Upon reaching the patient he was found to be in stable condition and was lead to the trailhead and awaiting ambulance by the team on foot. The Gallatin Valley SAR as well as helicopter resources were also deployed to assist in what could have been a life threatening incident.

6 July - 2017 Injured Mountain Biker in the Big Sky Area

Three members of the BSSAR used the Teton Litter to extracate a seriously injured mountain biker on the Mountain to Meadow Trail in Big Sky. The Big Sky Fire Department worked with the team to assist in patient care. The team stablized the patient then loaded him onto the one wheeled Teton litter where members of the team manually navigate the litter down the trail. He was transported to the ambulance where he was taken to the Big Sky Medical Center.

26 June - 2017 Spanish Creek Injured Horseback Rider

Eight members of the BSSAR team responded to an afternoon dispatch to the Spanish Creek drainage for a report of an injured horseback rider. The team responded with a side by side and Teton litter to aid in patient extracation. The 60 year old female was kicked by a horse and had a possible broken leg. Her location was approximately four miles up the trail which would have taken the ground crew at least one and a half hours to reach. It was decided to launch a helicopter to aid in the rescue. REACH Air arrived at the patient, provided aid and transported her to Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital prior to the ground crews.

23 June - 2017 Missing Fisherman Madison Arm Hebgen Lake

Three members of the BSSAR team once again joined a mulit-agency search for a missing fisherman in the Madison Arm of Hebgen Lake. His truck was found on the south side of the lake and his pontoon boat was found on the north side. Members of the BSSAR team used a motorize boat to search the lake while others were assigned to a dog team searching on shore. A helicopter searched the area alerted by the dog and found the 67 year old male in the lake. The cause of death was ruled a drowning. Our condolesense go out to the family.

5-6 June 2017 - Missing Hunter Near Beaver Creek

Nine members of the team joined other Search and Rescue teams for two days in a effort to locate a man that was overdue from hunt in the Beaver Creek area northwest of Hebgen Lake. The man failed to return at the agreed upon pickup location the evening of June 4th. Helicopters were dispatched to do an area search the evening of the 4th into the early moring of the 5th when the ground search teams were dispatched. Three dog teams plus an addition four ground teams of over forty people conducted a focused area search for two days. Due to the warm temperatures the run off in the creeks in this area were at dangerously high levels. Helicopters were used to transport the ground teams to and from their initial search locations. The missing hunter was found on the 6th deceased in Beaver Creek. It is assumed that he must have tried to cross the creek the evening of the 4th when it was running at a much higher level then when he had crossed it in the morning. Our deepest condolenses go out to his family. The search included members from: West Yellowstone SAR Gallatin Valley SAR Madison Valley SAR Ruby Valley SAR National Forest Service Department of Livestock Hebgen Basin Rural Fire Dept. Two Bears Helicopter Services Air Methods Helicopter Services Central Helicopter

2 April 2017 - Injured Snowmobiler Taylor Fork

Eight members of the team responded to a late afternoon dispatch for an injured snowmobiler. The young lady fell off her snowmobile and then consequently rolled own a steep hill causing serious injuries. The team used snowmobiles to access the site and then had to handle the rest of the extrication by foot as the patient was located below the snow line. Due to the seriousness of her injuries the team requested a helicopter and prepared a landing zone. After splinting and stablizing the patient the team transferred her to the helicopter.

9 March 2017 - Missing Snowshoer Beehive Basin Area

Twelve members of the BSSAR team responded to a late night call for a missing hiker in the Beehive Basin area. The father reported his son had contacted him with his cell phone and was disoriented, cold and tired. His father was not sure what equipment his son had or what his final destination was. Nor did he know if his son was hiking or snowshoeing. BSSAR dispatched a four person Hasty team to ski up the skin track to the ridgeline that is popular with backcountry skiers. Their mission was to look for signs of a hiker/snowshoer. A follow-up team was assembled with the mission to cover both the area that is more popular with snowshoers and take direction from the Hasty team based on their findings. This is not an area that lends itself to use of motorized equipment to conduct a search and/or rescue. As the Hasty team arrived at the trailhead a tired and cold young man walked out. He was lucky that he made his way out when he did as he was not prepared to spend the night in the backcountry in the winter.

5 February 2017 - Missing Child

Many of the BSSAR team was beginning to think that they should just stay the night at the SAR building as another call came in for a missing child in one of the Big Sky housing areas. As multiple agencies begain arriving to begin a wide area search the child was found safe at a friends house. This called ended what was a long day for a majority of the BSSAR team. With four calls for help and committing to support a local event, this was a busy day for the all volunteer team. Whether the team actually gets out on the trail to search for and/or retrieve someone the response, preparation and planning is all the same.

5 February 2017 - Possible Missing Skier Garnett

As the eleven members began leaving the BSSAR building after the Taylor Fork and Swan Creek incidents, they were once again asked to stand by for another vague report of a missing skier this time in the Garnett area. As with the other vague report, investigation reveal no evidence of a missing skier so the team was released once again.

5 February 2017 - Possible Missing Skier

The eleven members of the BSSAR team that had responded to the Taylor Fork area for a missing snowmobiler where asked to go back to the BSSAR building and stand by as there was a vague report of a missing skier in the Swan Creek or Spanish Creek area. Further investigation revealed no clues so the BSSAR team was released.

5 February 2017 - Missing Snowmobiler in the Taylor Fork Area

The BSSAR team was on their way back to their building from the ski joring event when they were paged to the Taylor Fork area for a missing snowmobiler. A family spending Super Bowl Sunday on snowmobiles became concerned when one of their party failed to show up at the trailhead. Eleven members of the BSSAR team arrived at the trailhead and began unloading their snowmobiles when the missing party rode into the parking area. He had gotten stuck several times and as their group did not stay together he had no help in getting unstuck which delayed his arrival.

4 & 5 February 2017 - 320 Guest Ranch Ski Joring Event

Once again BSSAR provided medical support to the riders and racers at the 320 Guest Ranch annual Ski Joring event. Six total members provided the support during the weekend with Saturday's heated competition pushing the racers to their limits. Three knee injuries, a possible broken nose and cracked wrist kept the team busy on Saturday. The team used the Ranger side by side to transport the injured racers off of the race course after assessments and splinting.

29 January 2017 - Missing Skier Big Sky Resort

Three members of the BSSAR team responded to an early evening call for a missing skier that left the Big Sky Resort boundaries. He was able to find his way to a road a catch a ride back to the resort.