5 February 2017 - Missing Child

Many of the BSSAR team was beginning to think that they should just stay the night at the SAR building as another call came in for a missing child in one of the Big Sky housing areas. As multiple agencies begain arriving to begin a wide area search the child was found safe at a friends house. This called ended what was a long day for a majority of the BSSAR team. With four calls for help and committing to support a local event, this was a busy day for the all volunteer team. Whether the team actually gets out on the trail to search for and/or retrieve someone the response, preparation and planning is all the same.

5 February 2017 - Possible Missing Skier Garnett

As the eleven members began leaving the BSSAR building after the Taylor Fork and Swan Creek incidents, they were once again asked to stand by for another vague report of a missing skier this time in the Garnett area. As with the other vague report, investigation reveal no evidence of a missing skier so the team was released once again.

5 February 2017 - Possible Missing Skier

The eleven members of the BSSAR team that had responded to the Taylor Fork area for a missing snowmobiler where asked to go back to the BSSAR building and stand by as there was a vague report of a missing skier in the Swan Creek or Spanish Creek area. Further investigation revealed no clues so the BSSAR team was released.

5 February 2017 - Missing Snowmobiler in the Taylor Fork Area

The BSSAR team was on their way back to their building from the ski joring event when they were paged to the Taylor Fork area for a missing snowmobiler. A family spending Super Bowl Sunday on snowmobiles became concerned when one of their party failed to show up at the trailhead. Eleven members of the BSSAR team arrived at the trailhead and began unloading their snowmobiles when the missing party rode into the parking area. He had gotten stuck several times and as their group did not stay together he had no help in getting unstuck which delayed his arrival.

4 & 5 February 2017 - 320 Guest Ranch Ski Joring Event

Once again BSSAR provided medical support to the riders and racers at the 320 Guest Ranch annual Ski Joring event. Six total members provided the support during the weekend with Saturday's heated competition pushing the racers to their limits. Three knee injuries, a possible broken nose and cracked wrist kept the team busy on Saturday. The team used the Ranger side by side to transport the injured racers off of the race course after assessments and splinting.