26 June - 2017 Spanish Creek Injured Horseback Rider

Eight members of the BSSAR team responded to an afternoon dispatch to the Spanish Creek drainage for a report of an injured horseback rider. The team responded with a side by side and Teton litter to aid in patient extracation. The 60 year old female was kicked by a horse and had a possible broken leg. Her location was approximately four miles up the trail which would have taken the ground crew at least one and a half hours to reach. It was decided to launch a helicopter to aid in the rescue. REACH Air arrived at the patient, provided aid and transported her to Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital prior to the ground crews.

23 June - 2017 Missing Fisherman Madison Arm Hebgen Lake

Three members of the BSSAR team once again joined a mulit-agency search for a missing fisherman in the Madison Arm of Hebgen Lake. His truck was found on the south side of the lake and his pontoon boat was found on the north side. Members of the BSSAR team used a motorize boat to search the lake while others were assigned to a dog team searching on shore. A helicopter searched the area alerted by the dog and found the 67 year old male in the lake. The cause of death was ruled a drowning. Our condolesense go out to the family.

5-6 June 2017 - Missing Hunter Near Beaver Creek

Nine members of the team joined other Search and Rescue teams for two days in a effort to locate a man that was overdue from hunt in the Beaver Creek area northwest of Hebgen Lake. The man failed to return at the agreed upon pickup location the evening of June 4th. Helicopters were dispatched to do an area search the evening of the 4th into the early moring of the 5th when the ground search teams were dispatched. Three dog teams plus an addition four ground teams of over forty people conducted a focused area search for two days. Due to the warm temperatures the run off in the creeks in this area were at dangerously high levels. Helicopters were used to transport the ground teams to and from their initial search locations. The missing hunter was found on the 6th deceased in Beaver Creek. It is assumed that he must have tried to cross the creek the evening of the 4th when it was running at a much higher level then when he had crossed it in the morning. Our deepest condolenses go out to his family. The search included members from: West Yellowstone SAR Gallatin Valley SAR Madison Valley SAR Ruby Valley SAR National Forest Service Department of Livestock Hebgen Basin Rural Fire Dept. Two Bears Helicopter Services Air Methods Helicopter Services Central Helicopter