29 July - 2017 Missing Teen at the 320 Guest Ranch

Fifteen members of the BSSAR team, three members from the Gallatin Valley Dog team and a helicopter were dispatched to a early evening report of a missing 17 year old female. She and her family were staying at the 320 Guest Ranch. The teenager had a history of drug abuse and was consider a suicide risk. The BSSAR used dirt bikes, side by sides and hiking boots to search the trails, out buildings and river near the 320 Guest Ranch. Through a number of efforts she was located unharmed in a town about one hundred miles east of Big Sky. It is a humbling note that so many volunteers will give of their time during the hieght of summer season missing family BBQs, the Professional Bull Riding event, concerts as well as dinner.

8 July - 2017 Injured Hiker Ousel Falls

Eight members of the BSSAR team responded to a late afternoon dispatch to the Ousel Falls Trail in Big Sky. A female hiker had been wading in the river near the falls when she slipped on a rock in the water and was carried to the oposite side of the river from the trail. In the incident she injured her ankle. BSSAR members used a side by side to reach her. One member of the team with experience as a Rescue Swimmer with the Coast Guard was able to reach the patient, stablize her ankle and bring her back across the river. She was transported to the trailhead and the awaiting ambulance for her trip to the Big Sky Medical Center.

6 July - 2017 Allergic Reaction on the Lava Lake Trail

Five members of the BSSAR team responded to an early evening dispatch to the Lava Lake Trail with the report of the 17 year old male having an allergic reaction. Aparantly the young man was stung by some unknown insect and began experiencing anxiety and troubles breathing. The BSSAR team once again deployed the Teton litter hiking it up the rocky Lava Lake trail to reach the patient. As with the injured mountain biker earlier in the day, Big Sky Fire Department sent one of their members along with the BSSAR team to assist in patient care. Upon reaching the patient he was found to be in stable condition and was lead to the trailhead and awaiting ambulance by the team on foot. The Gallatin Valley SAR as well as helicopter resources were also deployed to assist in what could have been a life threatening incident.

6 July - 2017 Injured Mountain Biker in the Big Sky Area

Three members of the BSSAR used the Teton Litter to extracate a seriously injured mountain biker on the Mountain to Meadow Trail in Big Sky. The Big Sky Fire Department worked with the team to assist in patient care. The team stablized the patient then loaded him onto the one wheeled Teton litter where members of the team manually navigate the litter down the trail. He was transported to the ambulance where he was taken to the Big Sky Medical Center.